#P13insidetrack : Paul Ruffles

Long time fam friend, Paul Ruffles (also known as Ruffs) is a trusted and recognised expert in global Sports/Street retail, business and culture.

Starting from the shop floor at JD Sports he has a 25-year, proven track record of celebrating, creating, and delivering impact for brands, their products, and their stories. He passionately feeds off and thrives on the purpose and credibility of the work and whom the work is with. __ He is committed and empathetic to people’s thoughts and needs, and has a clear understanding of how other influences such as music and art inform other cultures and working with those to excite the market - people like Jon Burgerman, Dave White, and more recently Nicole Mclaughlin - honed over 10 years as MD of Size? and Footpatrol, various campaigns with brands such as Reebok and currently new brand directions for Merrell with the launch of Merrell 1TRL.



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