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After signing another 10 year sponsorship of The O2 and 19 Academy venues across the UK in 2019, Platform13 were tasked to create a cultural approach and positioning to drive meaningfulness around their iconic O2 Live Music category.


Platform13 went deep in the research stage, reached out to experts and authorities in the UK music industry about the category challenges, with a clear mission to uncover a role O2 can play to positively impact music in the UK.


Through filmed interviews with established cultural voices, companies and organisations relevant to Live Music and the UK music economy, a deep dive focus group with 20xO2 customers (with an interest in music) and a full day workshop with relevant senior O2 stakeholders, which included a panel of music industry heavyweights, Platform13 delivered a cultural opportunity and clear roadmap for relevancy and impact for the next 10 years.


Dr. Martens

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