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As part of our ongoing curation of their Vans Covent Garden Boutique store, Vans tasked Platform13 to activate International Womxn’s Day 2021.


For 1 month we partnered Girls in Film, supporting the launch of their first term of their Girls in Film School.

Rather than pushing product or an instore launch, this partnership was about meaningful collaboration with the community, supporting creatives that have suffered during Covid, to give space to female-identifying, femme and non-binary creatives to share their knowledge.


From a CGI masterclass with Şifagül Kesser to a camera workshop shot with Keziah Quarcoo from the Vans Covent Garden Boutique store, all activations kept the needs of their audience and other budding creatives in mind, offering valuable knowledge and resources from people all across the film industry.

GiF also hosted live conversations on their channel as a tried and tested method for their audience who engage best when they can ask questions. Cinematographer Beatriz Sastre spoke with Set Designer Lucy Cooper about their collaborative process, and Writer/Director Nosa Eke answered questions around setting off your film with Producer Holly Carrington.

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