Akinola Davies

Akinola Davies Jr. is an award winning filmmaker, writer & video artist. Some might know him from working with Blood Orange, Tim & Barry, Kenzo, or from his documentary for Carhartt WIP which follows the footsteps of Fela Kuti, Nigeria’s most political musical icon, amongst other things.

His work is situated between West Africa and the UK as he identifies as a member of the global diaspora who is situated within the margins of being part of both worlds. Akin tries to delicately navigate the collision of both colonial and imperial tradition and whilst advocating a return to indigenous narratives.

He explores themes of community, race, spirituality, identity and gender, telling the stories that bridge the gap between traditional and millennial communities. These themes come with a duality: that of necessity and urgency in regards to the medium of storytelling.

There is a large emphasise on a necessity for clear intention in concepts and a willingness to experiment with form: the preparation and meticulous research for his films assume a central role and are critical to his image manufacturing. He draws from aspects of collective, individual memory and lived experience.


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