The evidence is overwhelming: a culturally relevant brand has a competitive advantage.

A brand needs to go beyond their category into culture, to be relevant. This means that your brand playbook and how your organisation is set up needs to evolve.

Doing it right means that expected and unexpected shifts in the world that impact your audiences, from technology to politics, music to film, D&I to climate, AI to privacy issues and more, are efficiently and credibly identified and addressed in the right way before it becomes a crisis or a missed growth opportunity.

Headhunted by global heavyweights adidas (Global Director) and Diageo (Leadership Team) as an internal change agent, founder Leila Fataar has proven senior brand-side experience in building culturally relevant brands. To do that successfully, she spearheaded the internal transformation and changes needed, bringing a fresh perspective to both her departments and through the business.

Through P13InsideTrack, we partner with businesses on a bespoke basis, to equip them with the skills, capabilities and confidence they need to create world-class modern brands: mitigating risk for today and tomorrow.

Firstly, we gain the context around your specific need or challenge to understand your issues, opportunities and expectations and identify which of our consultancy, advisory and intelligence services meets your needs.

Then, we apply our unique diagnostic methodology and deliver a custom solution enabling faster, smarter and informed decisions for both long & short term business-critical priorities.



We partner with senior leaders across insights, marketing, product, brand evolution and/or transformation to create a more nimble and resilient organisation ready to respond in an uncertain and ever changing world.

Methodology We map your cultural positioning against our organisational and capability assessment.



We offer practical support services in a variety of formats for senior marketing managers who want their work to be culturally relevant.

Methodology We align your cultural positioning against business growth drivers and brand strategy.



We deliver cultural intelligence to your relevant departments (marketing, insights, innovation, planning, retail, creative, CSR, etc) by surfacing and translating how cultural shifts and signals impact your brand, business and consumers today and tomorrow, helping to future-proof and protect your organisation.

Methodology We translate your cultural positioning against trends and consumer behaviours relevant to your brand.

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