Lecture in Progress, August 2020

Make it creative and memorable

In a post Covid world, competition will be tougher than ever. Remember the people you are chatting to might have been on back-to-back video conferences and calls, so find ways to make your interaction with them memorable. It says a lot for the type of thinker you are and how you can flex to the audience you are trying to reach.

Tailor your portfolio to the situation

Personalise your portfolio to suit the company, brand or potential job. Keep it short and sharp. I always look for original thought with a simple comprehensive message, packaged in creativity and cultural relevance.

Bring your POV to the table

The rise and acceptance of remote working means that the talent pool has drastically widened location-wise, and opened up long-needed opportunities and access for creatives across gender, disability, sexuality, ethnicity, age and disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, too.

In this transformational time, work that shows awareness of global issues will resonate. Create campaigns or work you would like to see in the world. Bring your POV to the table.


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