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The Challenge
Exploring the evolution of food and drink culture...when you are not drinking.

Exploring the evolution of food and drink culture...when you are not drinking.

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Æcorn Drinks, a new boldly bitter non-alc brand from the category gamechanger, Seedlip tasked Platform13 to explore the evolution of food and drinks culture, focusing on what to drink with food when you are not drinking.



We've been told that one important way to enhance great food is by pairing it with good wine. Which means, if you’re not drinking, you’re missing out.

But times are changing, and attitudes towards food and drink culture are changing dramatically, whether you’re drinking, not drinking, or somewhere in-between.

We wanted to explore this evolution by meeting the trailblazers turning the tables on food and drinks culture.



We concepted and produced a three part IGTV series entitled TURNING THE TABLE, hosted by Æcorn Drinks co-founder Claire Warner, exploring the evolution of food and drink with three cultural voices within food and drinks, award winning Mr Lyan, zero waste pioneer Doug McMaster from Silo and neighbourhood hangout, The Table, Broadstairs.

Ryan 'Mr Lyan' Chetiyawaranda

Exploring and examining flavour with award winning, category shaking cocktail experimenter, Ryan Chetiyawaranda AKA Mr Lyan - at his home.

Aecorn ryan and claire double
Aecorn Ryan cutting pie
aecorn ryan roasting garlic


Doug McMaster

We explore creativity through limitation by none other than zero waste advocate and pioneer Doug McMaster in his revolutionary and beautiful restaurant Silo.

Aecorn doug and claire portrait
Aecorn Doug serving food
aecorn doug and claire double

EPISODE 2 with Doug McMaster of Silo Restaurant

The Table Broadstairs (Joe Hill & Jenny Scott)

We ventured to the South Coast, and neighbourhood hangout The Table Broadstairs - a welcoming and inviting family owned local known for its mouthwatering small plates and drinks from chef Joe Hill (previously head chef Soho House amongst others) and community-led conversations by the founder of Mothers Meetings, Jenny Scott.

Aecorn the table jenny and joe double pic
Aecorn The Table Joe Pouring 2
Aecorn The Table plates 2

EPISODE 3 with The Table, Broadstairs



In the first month of lockdown, all the spaces featured in the series temporarily closed.

We enlisted our cultural voices to show us how they #spritzwithus at home. creating a series of video, imagery and opinion pieces on how they were coping in lockdown for Æcorn's channels.

The Table's Joe Hill showing us how to make a home version of his signature cheese toastie, Ryan Chetiyawaranda, AKA Mr Lyan, revealing the secret behind a perfect Æcorn Spritz with a twist, Silo founder Doug McMaster sharing zero waste tips for the ultimate sourdough and Mother's Meeting founder Jenny Scott (also of The Table) revealing how she balances her time as a mother of three children and owner of two businesses.

doug #spritzwithus2
jenny 2


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