Berghaus: Adapts launch

The Challenge
Launching a Bergahus pilot scheme to make climbing accessible for all through kit adaptation.

Launching a Bergahus pilot scheme to make climbing accessible for all through kit adaptation.

Berghaus Adapts Day-21



In 2021, when Berghaus tasked Platform13 to generate conversation around their nascent kit adaptation service using legendary recovering-quadraplegic adventurer Ed Jackson and his milestone climbing expedition film to the summit of Mont Blanc.



Immersion in the brand world was key - visiting Berghaus HQ, Sunderland for a tour of the facility including their incredible sample room (where the kit adaptations happened), exploring the brands history through their archives and uncovering their continued commitment to progressive outdoor innovation.

We knew this project had the power to inspire beyond the core community and drive Berghaus mission: Access to all.



We created and named the ‘Berghaus Adapts’ initiative and developed and integrated comms plan (executed by Berghaus agencies) and associated content strategy and assets around around 3 key pillars:

Real Human Stories: Introducing the story of Ed Jackson and his partner and Berghaus ambassador, Leo Houlding, to our audience - humanising the two with emotional stories of their personal life.

Kit Adaptations: Showcasing Berghaus’ technically adapted climbing kit.

The Expedition: Storytelling around key moments, emotions and challenges along this epic journey.

Content Series

Kendal Mountain Festival

Due to extreme weather conditions Ed and Leo were unable to complete the trip to Mont Blanc’s summit. Despite this, the story of Ed’s determination and strength was the feature of the 20 minute film, directed by filmmaker Stuart Kershaw, and premiered at Kendal Mountain Festival 2021. Platform13 curated the stand installation which would allow festival goers to get up close with the adapted kit and learn more about the initiative.

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