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The Challenge
A new global platform for the prestigious D&AD to support their night school, D&AD Shift: #SHIFTCREATIVITY

A new global platform for the prestigious D&AD to support their night school, D&AD Shift: #SHIFTCREATIVITY

D&AD Shift Creativity



Platform13 were tasked on global comms for D&AD Shift - a free, industry-led night school for self-taught creatives from under-represented backgrounds in Sydney, London, New York, Germany (Berlin/Hamburg) and Sao Paulo.



Our insight was clear - the traditional pathways into the global design & advertising industry are inaccessible to people from under-represented communities and there are nuanced reasons specific to each city too.

We believe that access should not be one-dimensional and neither should the talent within it.

We wanted to wrap all the conversations from both the Shift programme and the D&AD, so that we can begin a new, tangible movement which has momentum under a new and cohesive platform aimed at SHIFTING skills, the industry and the barriers.



Introducing #SHIFTCREATIVITY....shaking up the old industry paradigms to benefit self-taught creative talent, creating a fresh system to both access and flourish in the commercial creative industry.

Shifting skills: A direct response to challenges faced by self-taught creatives from under-represented backgrounds to enter the design & advertising industry.

Shifting the industry: D&AD has strong and deep links in the industry and can help to bridge the gap between talent and careers. Additionally, D&AD Shift alumni entering the industry ultimately supports the D&AD vision that creative excellence is achieved through a diverse, inclusive, sustainable industry, making work that's relevant and representative of the communities it serves.

Shifting the barriers: For underrepresented communities, political, systemic and cultural issues stop under-represented talent from both entering and progressing in the industry. D&AD, as a long time champion of creativity is perfectly placed to drive the message that great creative work creates better outcomes for all and that it is a viable career path.


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