Dr. Martens & their global consumers

The Challenge
Build a rich portrait of their global consumer, beyond the traditional demographics.

Build a rich portrait of their global consumer, beyond the traditional demographics.

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Platform13 was tasked by Dr. Marten’s to bring their already segmented consumers to life, beyond the page, to build an emotional connection between their consumers and internal teams.

Dr. Martens wanted to truly get to know the personalities and faces behind their quantitative data - and to build a rich qualitative global portrait of who represents the brand today through.



We devised a global qualitative methodology building upon the quant foundations already laid by the brand in key markets; UK, US, Japan, China and Germany.

We curated a research team on the ground in each market - tasked with sourcing 450+ purchasers and non purchasers, aged 14-50+ - and did a series of deep dives and 121 interviews with 25+ shortlisted participants in every market.

We then categorised the participants into one of the six segments already identified by the brand (and we renamed them).



This four month project resulted in invaluable actionable insights for all future plans from product creation, sales and marketing, even opening up new and previously unexplored areas for the brand.

The 'report' were delivered to global teams in an extensive, multimedia way through in a dedicated password-protected microsite, included a six-part content series bringing to life each consumer segment.

We further engaged the global internal teams by hosting 4 global virtual panel discussions with each segment, so they could ask the participants any specific questions they wanted.


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