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The Challenge
A radical business model and relevant go-to-market strategy for a new bag brand in a post pandemic world

A radical business model and relevant go-to-market strategy for a new bag brand in a post pandemic world




More widely recognised for its footwear, ECCO Leather supplies materials to some of the most prestigious accessories brands in the world.

Born out of this dedication of materials to product innovation, ECCO approached Platform13 to help steer a new brand bag concept, Ecco Leather Goods - to be part of the ECCO group, but standing apart with its own distinct audience and identity - into existence.



We kicked off by interviewing multiple senior stakeholders to identify the challenges and needs of the business and followed with a global target consumer research project to answer the questions: Does the World need another Bag brand? Who could the target audience be? And how can it be launched in a pandemic world?

We covered global quant (600+ consumers of luxury and accessories) and qual (30+ luxury leather goods experts) research in China, Russia, UK and Germany to understand the functional, social and emotional needs of a potential target consumer in a pandemic and post pandemic climate.

Our answer: No. The world doesn’t need a new bag brand. But if we are to do it, the new consumer needs brands that are considerate of the planet and people.



In our 90-page report, we analysed global macro trends and our consumer insight to identify a long term relevant cultural and strategic positioning and supported our clients with internal buy in to the wider group, impacting marketing and design.

Our recommendation included a radical approach to business rooted in the company’s unique materials to product offer and a 3 year actionable roadmap for Ecco Leather Goods.

ECCO Leather Goods

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