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A special episode preceding our AT FLANNELS series to honour Black History Month 2020.

A special episode preceding our AT FLANNELS series to honour Black History Month 2020.

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Creativity is key to evolving as a society, and the huge influence and impact that the Black community has had on British culture and the creative scene is undeniable.

The fashion industry thrives on this influence and impact, so it is important that companies use their platforms and power to uplift and support Black talent.



To commence our AT FLANNELS series, we decided to mark Black History Month through a dedicated piece of content.

We invited fashion journalist Jason Dike to host a conversation with 2 of Platform13's longtime family, creative director Olivier Geraghty and lecturer / stylist PC Williams, to share what set them on their creative paths and what their visions are for the future.

Taking a different format to the rest of the series, we filmed at the FLANNELS flagship store in London, with Ray Fiasco on director duties.



The result was a love letter to Black British culture and creativity, with both PC and Olivier expressing their excitement of the younger generation and how they see a bright future for Black creatives.

Alongside the wide long-form video on YouTube and shorter IGTV video, Jason did a write up for FLANNELS Style News, delving a little deeper into PC and Olivier's backgrounds.

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