Penhaligons: POTIONS launch

The Challenge
A TikTok-first launch for a brand new fragrance collection, POTIONS aimed at a new generation

A TikTok-first launch for a brand new fragrance collection, POTIONS aimed at a new generation

Penhaligons HP static



Platform13 were tasked to create a TikTok-first launch for a brand new fragrance collection, POTIONS from the storied perfume house - an incredible opportunity to start a story for today in the language of the target GenZ audience.



The evolution of fragrances beyond the signature scent as well as perfumes becoming an accessory to reflect both a person's identity and their mood were key insights for our creative strategy.

The wider Potions brand campaign told the story of W. Penhaligon ignited by a newspaper article headline in 1870, entitled ‘Who Will Cure London?’ as a catalyst to create the potions which will rid the city of Shyness, Loneliness, Sadness and Broken Hearts (amongst other things).

We recognised that these challenges and realities are still there for GenZ, today wrapped with identity, mental health and the authenticity of a full spectrum of feelings.



We tweaked Penhaligon's brand positioning of "Entertaining the world's nostrils with a dose of Britishness" to a new cultural positioning for the collection "ALTERING THE WORLD’S MOOD WITH A DOSE OF BRITISH ECCENTRICITY".

We focused on how these POTIONS can alter moods created by today's realities in a new visual territory for both the collection and the Penhaligons brand on TikTok.

LIQUID LOVE Be careful, you might fall in love.

A BALM OF CALM Be advised, you may find your problems vanish.

EAU THE AUDACITY Side effects: you may discover your true self.

VRA VRA VROOM A word of warning: you may find that everything feels possible.

A KISS OF BLISS Beware, you might find happiness quite addictive.


The first 3 assets focused on the Key Brand Assets: the Potions Colour palette, the distinctive ridges on the bottle, and the collection’s unique font - showcasing the details with a mood altering twist.


A fast paced dynamic montage showcasing the full bottle for the first time - in a sensory mixed media video designed to show heightened senses.


Finally, we delve into the individual potions, heroing each fragrance and their mood altering properties. In the absence of smell, we wanted to visually display the mood altering (not enhancing) side effects of each on screen.


BBC CiN & the WE MOVE Fund

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