Flannels: #ATFLANNELS Series 2




Following the breakthrough success of the first #atFlannels series, Flannels engaged Platform13 for a second series.



For this series, we wanted to explore untold stories of cultural voices and communities redefining what we know as traditional British culture, to challenge some of the widely held stigmas surrounding them.



Our 8 part series focused on genuine stories of real people from across the UK, connected to key cultural moments and important conversations, with a special Black History Month episode exploring the Scottish Experience.

#ATFLANNELS : Swim Dem Crew

Episode 1 explored the lesser known world of inner city swimming clubs, to explore the myth around POC and swimming, a narrative being rewritten by Peigh Asante and Nathaniel Cole, the founders of Swim Dem Crew.

#ATFLANNELS : The Car Meet

British Car Culture is mostly synonymous with Boy Racers in souped up Corsa’s or White middle-aged toffs in homegrown vintage cars. We journeyed to Coventry to meet Nathaniel, from Old Beginnings England (OBE) and Becky Evans aka Queen B, two avid car enthusiasts that are breaking down the stereotypes around British car culture.

#ATFLANNELS : British Tattoo Culture

In the ever changing face of Tattoo Culture we met with Sarah Luh and Massimo, two artists shaking up the narrative, and challenging what is traditionally known as British tattoo culture. They discuss their struggles with stereotypes within this community, their outlook on the future of tattoo artistry.

#ATFLANNELS : Fluid Fashion

At the intersection of Pride and London Fashion Week, we focus on gender-less fashion through the lens of Choreographer, Malik Nashad Sharpe and Model/ Activist, Aaliyah Ramsey to understand how they use fashion as a vehicle of expressing their identities and their hopes for the future of the industry.

#ATFLANNELS Black History Month

For Black History Month, we visited Barrington Reeves, founder of Too Gallus and artist/label owner Mobo Forij, two Glasgow based creatives that are commanding space in their hometown’s scene and paving the way for the next cohort of aspiring black and POC industry leaders to follow.

#ATFLANNELS : Running Clubs

This episode explored the new wave of running clubs in the UK. An energetic community championing creating a safe space for runners to come together, challenging what was once perceived as an individual sport.

We joined Mo & Tilly for a late night run on the running track where we explored the positive effects running has had on their mental health and the importance of finding your own community and diversifying sports.

#ATFLANNELS : Valentine's Day

When we think of Valentine's Day, our collective perception is to think of red roses, chocolates and romantic gestures. We journey to Manchester to meet Jenny & Nathan and stay in our hometown of London to meet Deji & Kei.

Both couples discuss how they express and receive love, and if there is space in today's society for such a traditional view on romance and Valentines Day.


For our final episode of our wonderful 18 part series with #AtFlannels we explore how the beauty industry is evolving to become more conscious in 2022. We chat to Marina Mansour, the head of beauty at a Gen-Z online magazine and Grace McCartney, a makeup artist to discuss how the industry has changed, the small adjustments that can make a big impact and a glance into the future of responsible beauty and the collective changes we hope to see.


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