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In 2020, Platform13 was tasked to deliver a strategy for female first, online dating giant Bumble to not only participate in, but to actively shape culture. The brand specifically wanted to tap into WOC (23-38) and Males 25+ in a meaningful way and a wider audience in Germany.



In the UK, we began with a community-centric and authentic approach to research, identifying six mindsets that represented these groups, and honed in on speaking to three: the conscious dater, the modern male and the critical thinker - and had conversations with over 300 individuals and 15 cultural voices representing the face of modern dating.

In Germany, our approach was similar - with a focus on the regional differences in key cities: Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. Speaking to x6 hyper targeted focus groups and relevant cultural voices to unpack the state of play for modern dating in Germany.

This research, in both markets, underpinned our cultural positioning and strategic output, with a clear caveat that strategic approach can only go so far - the proof and change is always in the action and bravery of execution. Relevancy isn’t a quick fix, it’s a journey.



The strategic recommendation focused on empowering these audiences to define their own dating journey, with Bumble as the facilitator.

We also delivered a full year cultural strategy and calendar for Bumble UKI and DE to be utilised across the business, including multiple activation thought starters.


Penhaligons: POTIONS launch

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