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adidas approached Platform13 to curate and manage their partnership with D&AD on the Shift programme, a free industry-led night school for self-taught creatives.

In collaboration with the adidas team, we facilitated working sessions centred around a live brief (written by P13) for this year’s cohort of ‘Shifters’ with the aim of enabling them to respond to a true ‘brand challenge’.



We wanted to ground the brief in a live and poignant conversation around inclusivity in sport, by asking the Shifters to ideate the next iteration of adidas’ renowned Women In Sport campaign, in a world where gender is becoming increasingly non-binary.

The Brief: Leverage adidas’ power in sport to ensure all communities feel welcome and can thrive.



To offer the Shifters a well rounded experience on the programme, we curated and led a number of sessions, with experts in various fields - to gain direct insights on how to dismantle, digest, and respond to the brief.

The sessions covered brand immersions, research & insights, talks (including Shift’s first ever panel discussion with those from the affected and relevant communities), workshops, and creative development, in a mixture of online and IRL formats to offer support in their development along the four-month night school programme. Culminating in a Pitch Night event hosted for the first time at adidas HQ.

Session One : Brand Immersion & Insights

Brand immersion and intro to ‘Women In Sport’ initiative (from adidas) with panel talk from impacted communities.

Our Panel :

Felicia Pennant, Editor-in-Chief at Season Zine

Shanu Walpita, Strategic Futures Director

Verity Smith, Mermaids' Transgender Inclusion in Sport Manager

Ryan Lanji, Cultural Producer / BBC Three Presenter / Founder of NDY Global

Hannah Lily Lanyon Gold Diggers FC Committee Member and Player

__Our Session Coaches : __

Maria Sialoho, Culture Director at Cake (Havas)

Shanu Walpita, Strategic Futures Director

Michelle Jones, Head of Creative at Greater London Authority (GLA)

Em Reid, Creative

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Session Two : Brand Development 1/2 (Online)

Supporting the Shifters to uncover the solution that only adidas can provide.

Our Session Coaches :

Aneesha Dewshi, Global Senior Manager Women’s Brand Communications at Adidas

Sammy Van Den Berg, Senior Project Manager Social Impact/ Purpose at Adidas

Gillian Jackson, Director of Engagement and Brand at House of St Barnabas

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Session Three : Brand Development 2/2 (IRL)

Support the Shifters as they develop up to x3 creative routes which bring their insights to life.

Our Session Coaches :

Rakesh Chadee, Senior Creative, Adidas x Oliver Agency

Luc Hinson, Ethnographic Researcher and Brand Strategist

Louby McLoughlin, Founder of Dream Lab TikTok Studio and OKGRL

Jamie Mancini, Creative Director

Charlie Parker and Jonny Marsh, Senior Creative Team

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Pitch Night @ adidas HQ


Showcase Night @ D&AD HQ

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