Dr. Martens: OneStopDocs




Dr. Martens with its lasting heritage and universal appeal is an icon which never goes out of style and transcends seasonal trends, gender boundaries and generations. This iconic brand embodies durability, and its sandal offering deserves the same recognition.

When P13 was tasked to create a campaign for the SS21 sandal on TikTok, the challenge was this: How do we promote this product, whilst authentically encouraging slow fashion and low waste culture?



‘Haul Culture’ is a trend that has spread rapidly across platforms like TikTok, and encourages users to flaunt their hefty bundles of cheap, mass produced clothing. The internet has an apparent problem with glamourising over-consumption.

We wanted to communicate our campaign message but in a language that feels natural for this audience, using cultural voices who truly embody the brand and the message.



Introducing #OneStopDocs - a global Tik Tok campaign enlisting 8 TikTok creators from across 5 countries to show us how just a single pair of Dr. Martens can compliment any up-cycled fits and how good quality, durable footwear can help promote slow fashion solutions.

This community-led styling challenge also gave TikTok users the chance to win a free pair of Dr. Martens sandals by simply duetting the video with their own slow fashion fits, to compliment the SS21 sandal - promoting positive virality and creating a counter-culture against wasteful consumerism.



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