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Platform13 was tasked to invigorate Fjallraven’s iconic backpack brand, Kanken’s global instagram, the challenge was to ensure that the brand had a distinctive identity, different to the mother brand and reflected both the brand’s universal appeal and cult status.



We started with a cultural positioning of Kånken, distinguishing its territory as a ‘outside’ not outdoor brand, to differentiate it from Fjallraven.

This developed into a comprehensive content strategy focused on Kånken as a people / lifestyle first brand for those wanting to escape into nature in the city or at most, day trips out of the city.



A month by month curation of the Kånken Instagram channel, featuring the Kanken community and key moments happening in the Kånken universe such as the launch of their customisation tool.

As part of this, to break up the UGC / product heavy focused feed, we created a series of content streams such as #meetthekankens - uncovering some of the best and most interesting stories from the global community.

We profiled extraordinary people with incredible, personal stories about how Kånken became a part of their lives, from the Kope Lion Custodians in Tanzania, who use their bags to carry Lion GPS tracking equipment, to Cecilia in Stockholm, whose Kånken was gifted to her over 40 years go, and will be passed onto her daughter as a family heirloom.

Meet The Kånkens



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