UNIVERSITY OF EAST LONDON: #NeverNot brand campaign

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Platform13 was tasked by the University of East London - a careers focused institution with a proud history of driving innovation and pioneering futures, since 1898 - to articulate and create a confident brand campaign to stand apart from other higher education campaigns.

UEL is proud of its multi-generational, primarily POC and international students from 147 nationalities.

They offer specialist courses for people with no qualifications, for refugees and for people who need academic skills training, ensuring those who want to continue their education are ready with the softer skills necessary to succeed in their careers.



Tuition fees are a clear factor responsible for the malaise in how students view higher education. But the issues are deeper than that.

With the advance of digitalisation and globalisation, the world of work is changing very rapidly. Yet universities are still run predominantly by academics and administrators, for academics and administrators.

If you do choose higher education as your route to work, that piece of paper, although valid, needs to be supplemented by career focused skills for a successful career.



Our “Never Not Pushing Forward” campaign is underpinned by the Uni's stance of constantly pushing innovation and progression, and always seeking to level the playing field in both the workplace and accessibility of higher education.

We wanted to showcase this leadership, an institution never not pushing forward, always rethinking the future and encompassing a sense of inclusivity, where education is possible for all.

The campaign was fully concepted and creatively produced remotely from start to finish, during lockdown. Executed across radio, digital, social and outdoor advertising (tube / train, billboards, bus stop advertising).

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