Under Armour: Forge '96 sneaker

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Under Armour tasked Platform13 to launch of the debut UA Sportstyle UA Forge ’96 sneaker across Asia and the EU, over a 6 month period. Credibility was the objective for a brand with no background in the style sneaker space or heritage in the lifestyle area.



A deep dive into the roots of this Baltimore brand surfaced a shared DIY mindset between the founder and youth today.

Globally, one of the biggest issues the audiences faces is lack of support from traditional establishments and government. This means that young people are finding ways to push things forward to create their own future.



Platform13, on behalf of Under Armour, collaborated with likeminded sneaker & style DIY and community focused cultural voices (Pioneers) at the intersection of style and performance - financing and co-creating on THEIR projects.

6 IRL activations, digital and social activations in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, London, Amsterdam & Berlin provided a global platform for the Pioneers and the new shoes including an opportunity for each Pioneer to mark their activation with merch.

From a product communications perspective, Platform13 wanted to avoid expected sneaker content, using a carefully curated team of creatives to produce a full suite of content.

The Pioneer Initiative

Introducing the Pioneer Project, a global initiative collaborating with cultural voices (Pioneers) at the intersection of style and performance in Tokyo with Tokyo Vitamin, Hong Kong with Arthur Bray and Yeti Out, Seoul with ISSE, London with Simon Suphandagli, Amsterdam with Olaf Husseinand Berlin with Serious Klein.

Each pioneer was given the freedom to experiment with brand assets and create merch associated with each activity.

Four of the UA Forums also celebrated with a “true to their DIY roots” off-camera one-night only Boiler Room event, including the first ever Boiler Room event in Hong Kong.

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Tokyo Vitamin 1
Yeti 2
Seoul 1
Ejder 1
Tokyo 2

Product Communications

We wanted to appeal to the new sneaker and style community while avoiding expected sneaker content. Working closely with a carefully curated team of global creatives, a suite of content was developed to mark a forward-facing brand with no lifestyle sneaker heritage.

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