Frame Fitness


Platform13 was tasked to concept and implement a 3 month multichannel instructor-led campaign with the aim of attracting new consumers, engaging their current audience and to make the instructors proud to represent the brand.


10 years after Frame fitness in London paved the way, the boutique style studio has exploded. But today, it feels like if you’re not what society deems is ‘the ideal body weight or shape’ then fitness can seem like it’s not for you.

We wanted to champion its diverse roster of instructors, highlighting their unique skills, personalities and expertise to provide a wide array of classes for ALL GENDERS and AGES, at ALL levels.


Platform13 concepted and created the Frame instructor campaign across social, digital, PR and poster channels with a clear message: with over 1400 classes designed for training, moving and flexing your body (and mind) a week across 6 London studios, and 250+ unique instructors, everyone can find an instructor perfect for their tastes and needs.


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