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Following our first successful brand campiagn, NEVER NOT, Platform13 was tasked with creating a multichannel, global campaign to recruit new students to the University of East London, in one of the most challenging years for Higher Education.

UEL pride themselves on offering courses with career-focused teaching for students to learn to adapt in a rapidly changing world and give back to their communities.

In this post pandemic era, Universities themselves need to change, and it was important to communicate how they would do that to facilitate learning.


We concepted and created a campaign around our simple, yet powerful message - that what you DO with your degree is what really matters, that your course can change the world.

"BE THE CHANGE" is a rallying cry for our future, shedding light on the powerful impact that studying a degree can have on your education, on your career and most importantly, on the world around you, if you choose that path.

From finding the cure for diseases, fighting for justice in your field, to creating more ethical AI and more - the power to Be The Change is in us all and for EVERYONE.


Through a mix of Covid safe shoots and remote production, the campaign was executed across digital, social and print media, increasing applications by a massive 16% during the pandemic.

Metro UEL coverwrap
Architecture-Physical-Design-1080x1080 UEL
Global-Development-1080x1080 UEL
Construction-Transport-Logistics-1080x1080 UEL
Performing-Arts-1080x1080 UEL
Psychology-Counselling-Wellbeing-1080x1080 UEL
Social-Community-Work-1080x1080 UEL
Fashion-1080x1080 UEL
Nursing-1080x1080 UEL
Law-Policing-Justice-1080x1080 UEL
Computer-Science-Digital-Technologies-1080x1080 UEL
Art-Creative-Design-1080x1080 Uel
Engineering-1080x1080 UEL
Education-Early-Childhood-1080x1080 UEL
Business-Management-Entrepreneurship-Finance-1080x1080 UEL


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